Blue Equinox Oasis – Local Dues

Local dues at Blue Equinox Oasis are to be paid by all members of the Order who are local to Blue Equinox Oasis.

How much are my local dues?

Category Monthly 6 months
(Due at Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes)
12 Months
(Due at Vernal or Autumnal Equinox)

I° or higher


$90 ($15/mo)

$180 ($15/mo)



$60 ($10/mo)

$120 ($10/mo)

For those not local to Blue Equinox Oasis (defined as residing outside a 100 mile radius of Detroit) who wish to affiliate with Blue Equinox Oasis, dues are assessed at the Minerval rate.

When are my local dues payable?

Dues are to be paid either

  • Monthly (Payments received up to the last day of the month will not be considered late.)

  • In six or twelve month increments (due at the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes).

If dues are not paid for a given month, any dues received in the following month will be first applied to the previous month’s dues.

I'm a new Minerval. When do my dues start?

For those newly initiating into Minerval, the payment of local dues will begin with the calendar month immediately following the initiation (e.g. if you are initiated on June 10, you will begin paying local dues for the month of July).

I just took I°. How do my dues change?

For those initiating beyond Minerval, the payment of the I° and higher local dues rate will begin with the calendar month immediately following the initiation (e.g. if you are initiated on March 17, you will begin paying local dues for the month of April). Minervals who have paid dues “ahead” on a six or twelve month basis will pay the $5 per month difference until their dues are next payable.

Please note that “local dues”, which are assessed by the local body, are different from US Grand Lodge (“national”) dues. Blue Equinox Oasis does not accept payment for USGL dues, except as part of an initiation fee; USGL dues must be paid directly to USGL.  Local dues are paid directly to Blue Equinox Oasis, and are used to pay for Oasis-related costs.

“Dues Current” Status

Dues-paying or “dues current” members are allowed various privileges, such as:

  • Participation in degree-specific events (with exception of attendance of initiations)

  • Participation in “members only” events

  • Special “Dues Current” pricing for classes offered by Blue Equinox Oasis

  • Consideration for being an Officer in Initiations or part of the Mass team

  • Input into Blue Equinox Oasis planning and business meetings

To be considered dues current, one must also be current with USGL dues.

If dues are not paid for a given month, there is a one-month grace period for getting caught back up. If a person does not pay dues for two consecutive months, that person is no longer considered dues current (“lapsed”), and is no longer afforded the privileges listed above. In order for a person to become dues current after lapsing, the person must pay three months of dues at one time, which covers two months of back dues, plus the current month’s dues. This requirement applies to members who have recently lapsed, and members who have been lapsed for many months or years. Newcomers to Blue Equinox Oasis do not need to pay back dues.

Any member seeking to initiate at Blue Equinox Oasis, or any other body, must be dues current with USGL; if they are not dues current with USGL, they must become dues current prior to initiation. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

In addition, members of I° and above who are either affiliated with Blue Equinox Oasis, or currently unaffiliated and local to Blue Equinox Oasis, must be local dues current with Blue Equinox Oasis in order to take initiation with Blue Equinox Oasis. Members affiliated with other local bodies may initiate at Blue Equinox Oasis if they are dues current with USGL. These same requirements also apply for those wishing to perform as Initiators or Officers at initiations conducted at Blue Equinox Oasis.

Events hosted by Blue Equinox Oasis may have associated costs (e.g. food and drink, study materials, instructor fees) or may serve as a fundraising event for Blue Equinox Oasis. Thus, Blue Equinox Oasis may charge an attendance fee for certain events to defray costs and/or raise funds for Blue Equinox Oasis.

Event fees are to be paid in advance of the event, or soon after the start of the event. If a member attends an event and does not pay for an event, that member may not attend any future events until outstanding fees have been paid.

Hardship, and In-Kind Dues

If you are financially unable to pay your local dues to Blue Equinox Oasis, but wish to maintain active membership, please contact the Treasurer or Master to discuss possible arrangements. Considerations for hardship include, but are not limited to, student status, loss of job, or other temporary conditions. Each case will be considered on an individual basis.  One possible hardship arrangement for payment of dues is “labor in kind”, that is, payment for work performed or services rendered on behalf of Blue Equinox Oasis. In-kind payment with goods or services for local dues will be accepted only by prior arrangement with the Treasurer or Master.

Questions and Disputes

If a member has any questions about their current dues status or other Blue Equinox Oasis-related financial matters, they should contact the Treasurer via email ( If a member has a concern or dispute regarding a financial matter, the member may contact the Treasurer to discuss or resolve the matter. If the Treasurer is unable to resolve the issue adequately, the member may contact the Master to discuss the matter further. In cases of dispute, the Master shall make the final determination regarding resolution of the issue.